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Where do I Begin?

Let's go back to where it all started, way back in 1999. My technically-challenged high school had purchased two computers but with no Internet connection. With no time available to waste online, I spent hours upon hours tinkering with a super-ancient Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Freehand (N.K.A. Adobe Illustrator).

As my first challenge I recreated about 8 brand-name cigarette boxes from scratch, all of which (in my opinion) turned out as fairly convincing fabrications. Thrilled at my initial success, I continued to play around, and eventually learn how to use these programs as tools for legit work.

In 2004, I got my first web design job. I dove into creating two [table-based] e-commerce websites, a process where I failed and learned, and then learned a bit more. After a year or so of solo development I completed the two websites, both of which continue to be successful businesses till this very day.

In the fall of 2004 I was accepted to the fine arts program at Mason Gross School of the Arts, where I earned a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and received the Paul Robeson Emerging Young Artist award.


Fast Forward to Today.

I now maintain a full-time job in Manhattan as part of the in-house design team. I like to go by the title "User Advocate," where I focus on UX-centric front-end design for the company's portfolio of sites.

I'm always looking to make new contacts, so feel free to send me a message anytime.


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